Hi and welcome! 
I'm Elizabeth, the photographer and editor behind EAP. I'm located in a small town in the upper cumberland hills of Tennessee. I love the quiet and peacefulness of country living and have every intention of living the small town life forever. I'm an avid homebody and spend the majority of my free time with my fur babes + hubs. A few things that I love and cannot live without are my doggos + yoga + Mexican food + a good book.
My photography has changed and evolved over the years from traditional portraits to couples/weddings to my current niche of self-portraits + landscapes. I've found that I enjoy photography and creative exploration most when working on my own, and thus have started to focus on work that is meaningful to me, created solely by me, and printable as art. My print collections can be found HERE
What makes my work unique is the use of compositing with the majority of my images to bring my own imagination and concepts to life (*compositing is the use of photoshop or other editing tools to merge 2+ images together, creating an image with textures and elements that would've otherwise not naturally been present*). I also enjoy the challenge of creating photographs that look more painterly and abstract than traditional portraiture. 
Besides my love for photography, I work full time in the world of clinical social work/foster care. This area of my life is my biggest passion - it has truly shaped and changed my worldview, and you'll see inspiration from this field in my photography. Other inspiration includes music + meditation + paintings + nature. 
I hope you've learned a little more about the person behind the photos and would love to hear from you with any questions or comments about my photography! Click HERE to contact me - can't wait to hear from you!
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